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On Civil Law

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What type of civil cases do we deal with?

All of these civil matters are resolved at the law office of Swati Jindal Garg and
Associates, just as they are at the offices of the vast majority of civil lawyers in India, by
adhering to the legal procedures in an appropriate manner in order to ensure that the
victim receives the highest possible level of satisfaction. The following is a list of some of the
civil litigation services provided by our civil lawyer:

Property Litigation Matters
Consumer Protection Law
Contractual Dispute Litigation
Unknown Transaction Matters (Benami transaction)
Easements Litigation Matters
Land Acquisition Litigation
Matters related to Foreign Act
Societies and Co-Operative Societies Matters
Successions and Trusts Matters

How can a civil lawyer help in civil litigation?

The litigation that does not include criminal offences falls within the purview of the civil
law subfield of the legal system. The process by which civil matters are resolved in any court
of law in India is known as civil litigation. This process is intended to solve issues concerning
civil matters, which include things like marriage, divorce, and disagreements over contracts,
amongst other things. In India, any court of law can hear civil litigation cases. In these cases
involving civil litigation, the petition has to be filed in Delhi by a civil lawyer. In India, this
legislation is intended to defend the rights of Indian people in accordance with the Indian
court system, and it has been serving Indian inhabitants in a satisfactory way up until this

point. Civil law may be separated into two components that are known as substantive law
and procedural law.

what to expect from a civil lawyer?

 Transparency in all policies
 Free legal consultation
 Quick legal actions
 Compensation that you deserve

What is a temporary Injunction?

A Temporary Injunction, also known as a interim injunction, prohibits a party from
engaging in a certain action for the duration of the proceeding or until the court issues a
subsequent ruling in the matter. This kind of injunction is only available briefly. It is possible
for it to be given at any point throughout the proceeding and is governed by the rules of
Order XXXIX of the CPC.

What is permanent injunctiom?

Permanent injunctions, which are often sometimes referred to as perpetual injunctions,
are those that are issued at the same time as the final ruling. As a result, permanent
injunctions typically remain in effect for much longer periods of time. In this scenario, the
Defendant is permanently prevented from engaging in conduct or refraining from engaging
in conduct that would be detrimental to the interests of the Plaintiff. Alternatively stated,
the Defendant is restrained from engaging in conduct that would defeat the Plaintiff's

Experienced civil lawyers in Delhi – Dr. Swati Jindal Garg & Associates

Our team comprises highly experienced civil advocates who have experience of over 10
years in legal matters, we can handle these matters pretty easily and that is possible due to
the support from our team of civil lawyers in Delhi and their dedication and devotion
towards their work, these are the experienced civil advocates in Delhi, we always check all
the aspects of any type of law and legal matters.

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Lawyers of Swati Garg & Associates have the experience which offers excellent representation in the court of law; taking you through the complete procedure of litigation from filing your case to appeal processes.

We provide services in person through our offices in Delhi and virtually around major cities of India and world.

Swati Garg & Associates has offices and associates in entire India to handle and effectively defend litigations in various prominent courts & Tribunals and forums of India. The prominent courts & Tribunals are Supreme Court of India (SC), Different High Courts in India (HC), National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), National Company Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT), Competition Appellate Tribunal (CAT), Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal (CESTAT), Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT), National Green Tribunal (NGT), Authority of Advance Ruling (AAR) and more.

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