Centre transforms 29 labour laws with four labour codes: Union Labour Minister Bhupendra Yadav

Centre transforms 29 labour laws with four labour codes: Union Labour Minister Bhupendra Yadav

Union Labour Minister Bhupendra Yadav today said that Centre has transformed 29 labour laws with four labour codes.

Speaking after distributing e-shram cards, ESI COVID-19 and Atal Beemit Vyakti Kalyan Yojna Relief Scheme Approval Letters to Unorganised Workers and Beneficiaries at a programme in Mumbai, he said no matter in which sector a labourer is working his social security should be guaranteed.

He said through an Act it was made possible to provide equal wages to men and women engaged in same job.

Yadav said for occupational safety of workers, the occupational safety code has been brought by the government.

The Minister said, if a worker is provided social security, then his mental health is in good condition.

He stressed that it is the duty of the government and society as a whole to see that a person from weaker section gets his share of social security.

He said, Prime Minister Narendra Modi says that his government is dedicated for the welfare of poor, and as a reason the comprehensive social security code brought by the Centre realises the dream of the PM.

He said workers from unorganised sectors should register themselves which would eventually help government to know that how many type of workers are employed in different trades.

He informed that those workers from unorganised sector who would be registering themselves in next one year will also get insurance cover of two lakh rupees.

He said the government of India asked the labour department to undertake three surveys during the Covid pandemic. One survey focused on migrant labourers.

The next survey is on domestic workers and the third one is institution-based survey.

He said the institution-based survey is being conducted for the first time in the country and its report will be out in a week.

This particular survey will collect information on how much employment is available and how much job opportunities have increased.

Dr. Swati Jindal Garg

Dr. Swati Jindal Garg


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